Sport-Related Injuries

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According to the National Center For Sports Safety, sports related injuries account for some 21% of all brain injuries among children in the United States. Some 3.5 million children under the age of 14 suffer sports related injuries each year. In addition to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), those injured in sports experience a wide variety of injuries that include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Back injuries
  • Sprained Joints
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Abrasions and cuts

When Negligence Is At Play

Sports injury cases will typically involve either negligence or deliberate egregious behavior. In an effort to gain a competitive advantage or to win on the playing field, sometimes coaches choose to ignore or bend certain safety rules and precautions.

This is an example of negligence.

When negligence is to be proven, the defendant must be shown to have lapsed their duty of care and that this negligence caused the injury. Deliberate egregious behavior is often more evident, but here are some examples of negligence and willful intent by liable parties:

  • The coach refused to take an injured player out
  • Coaches and trainers waiting too long to contact emergency medical personnel
  • Poor or defective playing fields or surfaces
  • Exiguous protective and safety gear
  • Abusive or untrained coaches
  • Players forced to play “dirty”
  • Coaches physically assaulting players
  • Young players forced to exert beyond their reasonable physical limitations

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