Medical Care, Insurance, and Elder law

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Most everyone knows that elder care is concerned with medical problems and medical treatment for the older population. How many know the answer to: What is elder law? Like elder care, elder law covers just what it sounds like. It is concerned with the many aspects of law that often involve the elderly population. 

Areas of Elder Law

Elder law attorneys must have working knowledge of and must offer services in many areas of elder law. These may include:

  • Estate planning. This generally involves preparing a will or a trust that will avoid or reduce probate and estate taxes.
  • Nursing home neglect. If a nursing home does not provide proper care, an elder law attorney must have knowledge of the regulations that apply to these facilities as well as the common illnesses or injuries that often affect the elderly in these places.
  • Housing changes. Today, many elderly people have choices as to where they will live, such as independent living, assisted living, or skilled care. Knowledge of these different facilities is essential in advising elderly people of their best choices.
  • Medicaid. There are complex rules regarding Medicaid in the event that an elderly person runs out of money. The elder law attorney may be able to assist families when it comes to a medical decision of this nature.

Aid From an Elder Law Attorney

If you are concerned about any aspect of elder law or if you are concerned about an elderly person in your family, contact us at Hall, Ricketts, Schuller, & Gurbacki, P.C. We are experienced in all situations that concern the elderly and the laws that protect and aid them. Planning for the future becomes more important with advancing years.

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