What if I’m Falsely Accused of a Crime?

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Where Do I Begin?

Attempting to beat a bum rap?

Proving that you are innocent may cost you time, stress, energy and money. Because being falsely accused is not common practice for most, few people give much thought to what they should and should not do if they are falsely accused. Most people have an “it’ll never happen to me” attitude, but the truth is, there’s no way to know for sure. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Below you’ll find several helpful tips if this ever happens to you.

Have an ARREST PLAN in place

Be forearmed with knowledge, so that you are not left at the mercy of the system. It’s a good idea to think about what you would do if confronted by the police. Additionally, few of us have any phone numbers memorized. Know who you will call and how to get a hold of them.

Call 911

If you find yourself in a threatening situation, don’t hesitate. Be the first to call 911. The first person to call 911 is typically treated as the victim, regardless of the facts or truth.

Remain Silent

Even if you aren’t the person being accused of a crime, exercise your right to remain silent. Don’t talk to anyone without a lawyer present.

Expect to Be Treated Like You’re Guilty

Unless you’re involved in a high-profile case, it’s unlikely that the prosecutor will even review your file until shortly before the trial. Meanwhile, you might be forced to live under court-ordered stipulations that resemble nothing so much as parole.

Obtaining an Attorney Doesn’t Imply Guilt

If you’re ever falsely accused of a crime in real life, you’ve never needed a lawyer more. You need a guide, the help of an experienced professional, that is of course, unless you want to end up serving time for a crime you didn’t commit.

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