How Is My Eligibility To Drive Determined As I Age?

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At what age should a person be denied a driver’s license? According the state of California 105-years-old is just fine. According to Yahoo News, Edythe Kirchmaier, a long time resident of California had no problems passing her driving test and has no plans to stop driving anytime soon. It should come as no surprise that stories like this don’t come without controversy and push back from the general public due to other reports of older drivers involved in what are considered preventable accidents.

As reported by Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News back in 2012, Preston Carter a 100-year-old man with a valid driver’s license not set to expire until the following year, lost control of his vehicle trying to back out of a parking place and ran into a group of 14 children, pinning several underneath his vehicle. While it is incumbent on lawmakers to protect the general public situations like this it should not be at the expense of individual rights.

I was involved in an accident; can I lose my license because of my age?

There are many variables in play when deciding the competency of a driver and their eligibility to drive. Regardless of age, a history of negligence can cause anyone to lose his or her rights in any situation, but discriminating on the basis of age should not be tolerated in any instance. If and when the loss of a driver’s license does occur, it should be first determined what the actual cause is and address the situation accordingly.

Can my family take away my driver’s license?

It can be hard to determine whether or not family members are truly acting in your best interests or not. While there may not be a desire to harm, sometimes those closest to us feel the pressure of unwanted responsibility and choose to make decisions that are easiest for them. Regardless of the complexity of your situation, understanding your options is important, and working with someone who has the experience to know what rights you have is critical.

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