I think my at-home nurse is stealing from me, what can I do?

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Many of us can relate to the above dialogue when things go missing, whether it is the pair of glasses you’ve searched for that are resting on your head, or the cell phone you are frantically scrambling for while asking your friend into the cell, “I can’t seem to find it anywhere!” Unfortunately, sometimes things aren’t that easy to find and may not be misplaced, but taken. A home health nurse is a registered nurse who visits patients in their home. Often, their help is much needed and appreciated. However, inviting anyone into your home leaves vulnerability, especially in the cases where the person invited is a professional and assumed to be trustworthy. 

At First Suspicion

The first step, if you suspect theft is taking place, is to take inventory of the missing items and ensure that they are simply not misplaced or borrowed by a family member before taking further action.

Take inventory of items that you have and if you are leaving things in plain sight, such a jewelry and cash, stop and put those things in a more secret place.

If you truly believe your home health nurse has taken things, but not enough to pursue the case from a legal standpoint, it may be best to terminate or to switch care providers. Having a trusting relationship between you and the person who cares for you or a loved one is too important to have broken trust and confidence.

What can you do?

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This would mean proving the theft would be important in pursuing the stolen item or items as well as possible repercussions for your home health nurse. If you would like to pursue the case legally, seek legal advise as quickly as possible to ensure you are pursing justice in the correct manner and not damaging any potential lead your case may already have.

New York Civil Litigation Attorney

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