I Was Pulled Over For A DUI And My Child Was In The Car

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On April 5, 2015, a mother was arrested for causing an accident that killed her 3 year old daughter and injured her two other children that were riding in the car with her. She was driving under the influence when the crash occurred. While being pulled over for a DUI is not the same thing as causing an accident that killed your child, this is a serious incident and should not be taken lightly. 


If you are driving under the influence and are pulled over, the charges for your behavior automatically have increased. Some areas that will potentially be affected by your decisions to drive under impaired conditions with a minor in the vehicle will include the following:

  • Increased fines for the arrest
  • Increased jail time
  • Classification change from misdemeanor to felony

This is oftentimes referred to as an aggravated DUI or a DUI modification. You are under much more scrutiny with a felony DUI on your records. This can affect your future ability to gain employment and prevent you from certain obtaining residence at your place of choice.


From the perspective of the court system, including judges and even juries, you have increased your likelihood of receiving a harsher penalty. It may make it more difficult to negotiate a plea bargain or garner any sympathy from those imposing your sentencing. The gravity of this situation requires the help of an attorney that understands child endangerment charges and can help you navigate through this unfortunate turn of events in your life.

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