5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

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When it gets down to it, real estate can be a bit confusing. There can be so much paperwork and so many inspections that need to occur before you can dot your I’s and cross your T’s. If you’re buying a house or just inherited a home, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got someone watching your back.

A real estate attorney can be your best friend through the home buying or transfer process. Here are 5 reasons you need to hire one today.

1. A Real Estate Attorney Can Explain the Process to You

Let’s face it, purchasing a home can be a confusing endeavor, even if you’ve done it before. By hiring an attorney, you’ll ensure that you’ve got someone who can explain the process to you. If you’ve got a question that you’re hesitant to ask your real estate agent about, or don’t know about a potential legal issue, call up your attorney. Your attorney can put things in easy terms and clear up any potential confusion.

2. Just For Safety and Backup

While we don’t want to imply that real estate agents are shady, there are bad people in any business. And should you be unlucky enough to work with one of these snakes in the grass, it could end up costing you. You’re making a mistake if you choose not to hire a real estate attorney. Be sure that you explain to your agent that you’ve got an attorney for backup. You’ll get so much peace of mind from the knowledge that should anything go wrong, someone has your back.

3. They’ll Make Sure You Aren’t Getting Ripped Off

…But what would you do if you were being ripped off by your real estate agent? And how would you even know? Put aside a little bit of money and invest in a real estate attorney. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to close the deal. Your agent will help you get the best deal possible and keep you from making any accidental mistakes. Make sure that you’ve got someone in your corner who is willing to read every little bit of paperwork from cover to cover. You deserve the best deal, so make sure you’re getting it.

4. Some States Require an Attorney

There are several states in the U.S. that actually require a homebuyer to have an attorney on hand. Even if this irks you, it’s undoubtedly in your best interest. If you live in one of the following states, you’ll want to pick up the phone and find the best attorney in your area:

  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • North Dakota
  • New York
  • Delaware
  • Massachusetts
  • Mississippi
  • Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina

And believe it or not, there are more.

5. If You’ve Inherited Real Estate

A lot of people honor their loved ones by leaving their most prized possession: their home. If you’ve inherited a home, you’ll want an attorney around to make the process simpler. You’re already dealing with so much grief, the last thing you want is to sort through paper after paper.

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