Family Law Advice to Make Separation Easier for Children

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Are you and your family going through a divorce and you’re worried about your children? Here is some family law advice on how to make the separation easier.

Separation is a difficult process for so many reasons. You’re trying so hard to salvage your marriage.

But for many couples, there are external sources that make things tough. We’re speaking, of course, about your children.

You love them and you want the best for them. The last thing you want in life is for your child to experience heartache and sadness.

And while divorce and separation are common, there’s no accounting for how your child will react. So how can you make your separation as easy on the kids as possible? 

Read on for some great family law advice on how to make separation easier on your kids. 

Don’t Stay Together For The Kids

Some couples think it’s better to stick it out rather than risk the heartbreak of their children. While this is a sweet sentiment, it ultimately isn’t true. 

Studies show that 82% of children would rather their parents separate than stay in an unhappy marriage. Which makes sense when you consider it from their perspective. 

Should you stay in the relationship, there’s no guarantee that things are going to get easier. The issues that you and your spouse have will likely remain. 

Kids are far more perceptible than we give them credit for. They can tell when there’s tension in the air. Ultimately, your child deserves a happy, safe environment. And while separation may mean a little bit of temporary sadness, it can be the best thing for many families. 

Family Law Advice For The Modern Age: Don’t Overshare

We want to make one thing perfectly clear: we understand that you’re going through a lot too. Nobody enters a relationship expecting or hoping for it to fail.

You’re likely feeling all sorts of emotions like anger and sadness. That’s perfectly okay and acceptable, they’re normal feelings in this situation. 

Never use your children as your emotional support. Even if you have a close relationship with your kids, oversharing can do far more damage than you know.

This goes for social media, too. If your kids have access to your social profiles, make sure you’re not saying hurtful things about your spouse where they can read it. 

You deserve support. Turn to your close friends, not your children. 

Cooperate With Your Spouse

This is the most difficult piece of family law advice for many people to follow. You don’t have to like your spouse. You may disagree with everything he or she does and says. 

That’s okay. But you should always make sure to work things out in favor of your children. Make sure they get time with both parents and try and maintain a sense of normalcy around them.

If this means not speaking to your spouse, that’s perfectly fine. But the more normal and cordial your relationship is, the easier it’ll be for your children.


If you’re separating from a spouse, it’s okay to feel hurt or betrayed. It’s even okay to feel angry or bitter toward your spouse. Just make sure that whatever you’re feeling is doesn’t hurt your children. 

Keep whatever problems between yourself and your spouse. Avoid talking about your issues in front of the kids, and let them know they’re still loved. 

If you’re going through a divorce or separation, we know how tough it can be. That’s why we want to make the process easier for you. Get in touch today and let our team of legal experts guide you through this rough time.