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What happens with insurance policies in a divorce?

When you divorce in New York, the court divides every asset you own. This may include things that you may not think of, such as insurance policies. An insurance policy can be very valuable. In some cases, the court may even include such insurance policies in alimony awards, according to You want to be sure that you take the right steps to protect any policies you have and make sure you get access to any policies in your divorce.

Why advisors matter when writing a will

You have probably heard about families that fall apart after a strong mother or father figure passes away. At Hall, Ricketts, Schuller & Gurbacki, P.C., we know that there are many unavoidable emotional issues involved in most estate matters. While there is no escaping the fact that your children might struggle with each other while trying to fill a void left by your passing, there could be a way to reduce the risk of disagreement. 

Trying to figure out what to do with the family home isn't easy

You may not live in Manhattan, but the average real estate prices here in East Aurora still made it a challenge to find a house you could afford that had everything you wanted and needed to make a home. After years of living there, you may have finally gotten it the way you want it.

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