A medical evaluation and report are essential after a crash

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If you have walked away from a minor car crash, you may think that visiting a doctor is unnecessary. However, you may have underlying injuries. 

Even if you feel fine after a collision, seek medical attention. A diagnosis is important and so is the accompanying medical report. 

A shock to the body 

Even a minor car crash, such as a rear-end collision, is a shock to the human body, which is not prepared to handle a sudden, violent impact. In order to adjust to the shock, the body releases chemicals such as adrenaline, which will temporarily mask symptoms of injury. For example, if you sustain a head injury, symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Headaches, dizziness, concentration issues and other red flags may not appear for hours, or even days. 

A medical evaluation 

Seeing a doctor promptly after a car crash is essential for your well-being. If an underlying injury does exist, you may be able to receive proactive treatment before some symptoms develop. 

In the case of a brain injury, for example, a scan may reveal a tear in a blood vessel. A doctor may be able to treat this before the blood pools inside the skull and creates pressure that causes secondary damage. 

A medical report 

In terms of filing a claim for financial compensation, a medical report is important. This will provide details about your injury and connect it directly to the car crash. 

Insurance companies look for gaps in information that might allow them to offer a lowball settlement to an injured party or to deny a claim altogether. They have standard criteria to follow in evaluating injuries, and how quickly you sought treatment following a collision is one of the most important pieces of information you can pass along. A report from your doctor will give insurers little opportunity to twist medical information to their advantage. 

A look ahead 

If a negligent party was at fault for your injury, you deserve full and fair compensation to cover hour medical bills and more, and you will have helped your own cause by seeking prompt medical attention.