How can back pain affect your life?

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After getting into a crash, you are more likely to suffer from certain types of damage than others. Injuries to the head, neck and back serve as the most common points of physical distress. In particular, back pain can have a bigger impact than you anticipate.

In fact, back pain – especially lower back pain – can serve as a massive detriment to your daily life. It can even alter your ability to hold down a job, putting your livelihood at risk. But how?

Types of back pain

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke looks at the impact back pain can have on your life. People often associate the term “back pain” with all manners of injury, ranging from mild to severe. Some do not realize just how crippling back pain sometimes is for many sufferers.

The two primary types of back pain last for a long-term duration of months or years, or a short-term duration of days, weeks or months. Short-term back pain often resolves on its own, but sometimes lingers and progresses to severe long-lasting pain.

The impact on your work

Back pain alters the way you can do any sort of task, thanks to the fact that you rely on your back and spine for everything from sitting to running to laying down. You may find your range of motion severely limited to the point that you can no longer accomplish the physical requirements of your job. The pain sometimes gets bad enough that even pain medication cannot dampen it fully.

Some workers even end up addicted to pain medication due to the sheer amount they must rely on, and these are just a few of the problems you may face. It is also why many back injury sufferers end up seeking compensation.