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New York’s most famous adoption happened on the pages of an American comic strip created in the 1920’s by a man named Harold Gray. The popular comic, first posted in the New York Daily News, followed the life of an 11-year old orphan girl, her dog Sandy, and the amiable Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks.

The endearing story of “Little Orphan Annie” has become a permanent fixture in American entertainment over the last 90 years, from radio and the big screen, to one of Broadway’s most popular musicals ever. Now the story has had dozens of iterations, from parodies to high school and college renditions of the musicals.

In reality, though, walking through adoption is not as entertaining (or nearly as simple) as our beloved Annie would lead us to believe. Adoption can be a complicated and cumbersome process, especially without the help of an experienced family law attorney. Still, the idea of rescuing a child from hardship is always a part of what makes many people passionately pursue adoption.

If you and your spouse are seeking to adopt in the Buffalo area, here are few questions that can help you see the areas of adoption law that our attorneys are poised to walk you through.

  • If you are a birth parent putting your child up for adoption, do you have proper representation to make sure the interests of your child are considered?
  • Do you need help with private-placement here in New York?
  • Can we walk you through your options with US adoption agencies?
  • Have you considered foster care adoptions?
  • What are the advantages and challenges of pursuing independent adoption?
  • When dealing with an interstate adoption, have you considered the laws of both states?
  • We can help with pre-certification. Have you looked into this?
  • What does it take to register name changes and make them legal?
  • If you are a stepparent, have you considered the benefits your stepchildren would have if you choose to adopt them?

Hall, Ricketts, Schuller, & Gurbacki, P.C. Are Your Adoption Advocates

Simply put, adoption law creates a way for people who do not have a biological parent relationship with a child to gain legal parent relationship. In most cases, the legal relationship with the biological parent(s) is completely severed when a decree of adoption is given. Whether you are considering adopting a child or putting a child up for adoption, our experienced family lawyers can help make your way through the complex legal process.

Let Hall, Ricketts, Schuller, & Gurbacki, P.C. work on your behalf to avoid pitfalls, meet legal requirements, and walk you through nuanced adoption procedures. Our attention to detail helps us stand out among our peers as the family law firm of choice of greater Buffalo area adoption procedures.