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What are the types of trusts?

A trust is a vehicle through which you can leave assets after your death to specific heirs in specific ways. This type of arrangement gives you a lot of control over the handling of your assets. NerdWallet explains there are a few different types of trusts. However,...

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What is a living will?

You probably already know that estate plans protect your family and assets after you are gone. However, they can also benefit you while you are alive and in need of medical care for a terminal condition or serious injury. According to the Mayo Clinic, a living will...

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Can I put conditions in my will?

It is a very wise move to plan for what your heirs will receive when you pass away. While drafting a will, you may realize that you would like to leave certain assets untouched until someone reaches a certain age, for example, or finishes schooling. It is acceptable...

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5 estate planning myths

Proper estate planning allows you to make personalized, informed decisions about your finances, health and other goals. You can look after yourself and your family, all while meeting your financial goals. You can avoid mistakes and instead make informed decisions...

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When should I update my will?

The last will and testament is an essential aspect of most estate plans. Creating a decisive, legally binding document ensures your last wishes are honored and your family receives a share of your state. While will creation is crucial, keeping the document updated is...

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