What makes the Medicare application so difficult?

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In case you attempted to fill out a Medicaid application and found it very trying, you should know that you are not alone. For some time, organizations like the National Institute for Health have been warning that the Medicaid application process was impenetrably difficult.

Researchers at the National Center for Biotechnology Information determined that, the more you need the type of help Medicaid provides, the less likely you are able to successfully fill out the application on your own.

Several factors make the Medicaid application complex

As many residents of East Aurora and eastern New York have discovered, the process of documenting your application without assistance is quite complicated. This is especially true given some of the required information:

  • You must document your citizenship, age and any infirmity
  • You must document 5 years of your financial accounts in some cases
  • You must document your eligibility based upon your income
  • You must file the application within an established window of time

Many people require Medicaid in order to subsist

One of the most amazing things about Medicaid in New York is how many people it helps. By 2020, almost 3,400,000 New Yorkers had enrolled in Medicaid. The benefits of Medicaid’s numerous plans are essential for the health, welfare and long-term housing of a great percentage of the state’s citizens who would have no other recourse if not for this program.

Considering the size of New York’s Medicaid operation, it is remarkable to reflect on how many needy families and individuals it benefits. It also helps explain why the process can be so difficult for an individual to navigate alone.