My Ignition Interlock (In Car Breathalyzer) is malfunctioning and I can’t start my car

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What Do I Do Now?

How serious are lawmakers taking first time DWI convictions? According to The Columbus Dispatch, they might be taking it more serious than you think. Considering the fact that about 25,000 of the DWI convictions in the state are first time offenders, and only about 5,000 are currently required to use Ignition Interlock devices, this law would completely change the landscape of DWI convictions and how offenders are prosecuted.

Ignition Interlock Devices (commonly known as “In-Car Breathalyzers”) are considered by many to be the most effective deterrent to repeat offenders. Besides the cost involved in installing and maintaining the device, the simple fact is that they are a hassle. Having a unit installed in your vehicle is a constant reminder of your conviction. Every event is recorded by the device and often a “rolling retest” is required periodically. In the event that the unit malfunctions or causes a vehicle malfunction it is usually incumbent on the owner of the vehicle to absorb the cost of the repairs or replacement.

Why is my In Car Breathalyzer is malfunctioning?

After market electrical devices in vehicles can often cause the vehicle’s computer management system to produce “fault codes” for faults that do not exist. When having your Ignition Interlock installed it is important to consult an installation professional who is not only skilled in this type of installation, but is familiar with the type of vehicle you own. Once installed, it is not uncommon for minor electrical issues to occur and one should expect to trouble shooting trips to the installer to work out any issues that arise in the first couple weeks of use. If problems persist and these issues are causing loss of work or ongoing issues with meeting legal appointments is important to consult legal counsel as soon as possible to find out what concessions can be made on your behalf.

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