I asked my apartment neighbors to be quieter and then my car tires were slashed, what can I do?

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Dennis the Menace is a funny story about a mischievous and curious little boy and the lives and events he disrupts, mostly those of his neighbors. This story has been captured as a comic, movie series, and even a few movies. Dennis’ childlike antics are often found humorous and charming; however, being neighbors with individuals who are not only loud and disruptive, but also destructive to your property, is an entirely different issue. 

Property Damage

Car tires tend to be a popular target to vent petty disagreements, jealousy, anger, and sheer annoyance. Unfortunately, it does come at a cost and not always to the vandal, but to the owner of the damaged property. Cost Helper readers report paying $50-$290 per tire for car tires (in sets of two or four), at an average cost of $139 per tire, installed [i]. The cost of replacing the tires is often expensive, but there can be other costs as well due to lack of transportation to work, errands, family events, and more; a victim can lose money and time in a myriad of ways just by the inconvenience.

What can you do?

  • It is important to immediately file a police report of the incident. If there are any known eyewitnesses to the event or proof such as video footage, it would be important that it is included.
  • Notifying your landlord to explain the situation is also important in the event that there are policies in place where a tenant may be fined or evicted for such behavior.
  • Contact an attorney for exploring your case and pursuing charges for the property damages.

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