How do we decide what percentage of the company each partner gets?

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There is so much more to establishing a solid business partnership than just deciding that you have a good idea and want to start something together. There are many financial considerations to take into account and planning ahead for your future success together and even potential failure can keep you from losing out on a significant monetary amount. 

Written Document

Even if you forgo having a written document outlining your specific percentages, you will still be seen as an actual partnership in regards to the law and will be required to allow for compensation for both parties if the partnership were to disband. You will both be more protected in the future if you can write down specifics on structuring your partnership agreement.


Individual contributions to the partnership can come in the form of finances, goods and services, established customer base, labor, manufacturing, property and more. While one person may be contributing more financially up front, having another person enter the partnership with an established customer base can be just as valuable. It is vital that you go through what you are individually bringing to the table and placing a monetary value on it. That value can then be distinguished as a percentage of ownership within the company.


While contributions to the startup of the company are vitally important, an outline on the responsibilities of each partner can help ensure a successful future together. Who is going to be responsible for the marketing, office work, billing, public relations, dealing with disgruntled customers and acquiring new streams of income? Without having a written plan to counteract all potential confusion, you could both get stuck on details that should have been ironed out at the corporation’s inception.

You are liable for the decisions that each other makes in regards to your company. Make sure that you mutually plan your company’s structure as if your partner was your worst enemy. That way you will both be prepared for everything that could possibly come your way and ensure a lifetime of success in your partnership.

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