What treatments are available for alcohol abuse?

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Receiving drunk driving charges in New York is a very serious offense. However, if you’ve recently been charged with a DWI your problems may extend beyond the legal. For people with alcohol abuse problems, nearly every facet of their lives can be affected, from relationships with friends and family to income potential. If you feel that you require treatment for alcohol abuse, WebMD explains the following options.


While medications can’t necessarily cure a person of alcohol addiction, they can prove quite useful for managing cravings. Some medications cause a nauseous feeling when drinking alcohol that inhibits the brain’s pleasure response. Other medications actually reduce the euphoric feeling associated with being drunk or reduce cravings altogether. Your doctor can offer more insight on whether this is a good treatment option for you.

Behavioral therapy

Many people also need to address underlying mental health issues before they can get their drinking under control. This often requires the assistance of a behavioral therapist, who will work through issues and offer healthier methods of coping. A therapist can also help you establish long-term goals, which provides motivation for continuing your treatment.

Inpatient & outpatient rehab

For people with more serious alcohol issues, inpatient treatment may be required. Rehab centers are equipped with skilled staff capable of dealing with complex addiction issues, particularly when it comes to detox. When drinking over a long period of time dangerous withdrawal symptoms may occur. These symptoms include things like seizures and hallucinations, and for some people, they can prove deadly.