Issues that can place you at risk at New York intersections

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Whether you’ve lived in New York your entire life or are one of many residents who have recently transferred here from another state, you no doubt can relate to traveling on busy roadways when commuting to and from work or simply trying to run a few errands in your spare time. Intersections, in fact, are one of the most dangerous types of road areas throughout the state.

If you approach an intersection without regard for your immediate surroundings, you greatly increase the chances that you will be involved in a collision and possibly suffer serious injuries. However, just because you pay close attention and adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations doesn’t necessarily mean you will be 100% safe at a New York intersection because, chances are, there might be a distracted or reckless driver nearby.

Nearly all intersection collisions are avoidable

The Federal Highway Safety Administration publishes data regarding crash statistics in New York and all other states. It turns out that intersection collisions rank as the second most common type of motor vehicle crash in the United States. Think of this in terms of how often you navigate crossroads.

The FHSA says that at least 96% of collisions that occur at intersections were preventable had it not been for driver negligence. Texting while driving, road rage and other problem issues often lead to sudden impact collisions that have fatal results. If you’re lucky enough to survive a crossroads crash, you might still suffer moderate to severe injuries that cause emotional, physical and financial distress in your life.

Improve pedestrian and motorist safety at intersections

When you approach a New York intersection, be on high alert at all times. Never proceed into the cross section for any reason without first carefully scanning the area in all directions. This helps ensure that you will make it through unscathed. Even if you have a green light, if another driver blows through a red light, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Recovering from an intersection injury

The sudden impact of an intersection collision can land you in the hospital for days or perhaps even weeks. If you were to cross the road on a bicycle or as a pedestrian, chances are greater that you might have suffered critical injuries. If you were driving or riding as a passenger when another motorist slammed into your vehicle in the crossroads, the road to recovery may be long and arduous.

Such incidents often cause financial distress. You might not be prepared to meet the expenses associated with a motor vehicle collision that resulted in personal injury. Especially if you work at a job where your employer pays you by the hour, missing work during recovery can spark a serious financial crisis. Many New York accident victims offset injury-related expenses by seeking financial recovery for their losses in court.